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Most people think they know how to run ads on social media, yes they can, but after spending thousands of Dollar, time and energy they are unable to make money, to convert opportunities into sales."

In today’s competitive world where the whole humanity is online, offering products and services through Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads… etc , the main to understanding point is what will be the choice of customer when there are tons of options?

After gaining years of experience in conventional marketing & online marketing we found ways to convert leads, prospects and potential buyers into customers.

It’s not easy, in matter fact it’s challenging task especially after pandemic (COVID-19) the entire business changed, before COVID companies prefers to sell through exhibitions, and branding in Hotels, Airports… etc. due to the limited of travelling, gatherings and last entertainment locations they switched to the virtual world. There for the competition in this filed increased.

The process is not about creating a Facebook Ad nor spending money on social channels, receiving calls and messages of buyers or capturing leads to make deals, that strategy does not work any longer, overall, the marketing agent must go through a deep research, build a strong planning, understand audience, demographics, locations, and consumer psychological behaviors.

If you are awaiting of an engrossing result, you need to relay on experienced companies who acknowledge the tactics, hidden world of social media and business marketing, the companies spent thousands of dollars to gain experience and they know how conversions and negotiation are possible.

Who We are?

“We are the ones who leads your business to success, we are your goal profit achievers, we are the holders of the comfort to your work tension.’’ 

The E Media is a Private Limited company working since 2002, facilitating 400 plus clients nationwide and across the globe.

We worked for many companies such as Retails Industry, Travel & Tourism, Online Shopping, Hotels and Restaurants, Brands, Real Estate, Construction, Education, Health, Government and NGOs and we learned from everyone, we gain the knowledge of what businesses wants and what are client’s demands and requirements so it provides us deep insights about marketing & consumer conducts.

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