Why Not a $250 Website?

Why Not a $250 Website?

For a while now you can go on Odesk or Kijijij and find websites for the starting LOW COST of $250. Wow what a deal right? WRONG! Time and time again we service clients who come to us from a terrible experience and wasted money with nothing to show for it. 

Below are 4 reasons to hire a professional company to build your website:

  • Communication – web developers can be amazing at what they do and have good website portfolios but many times we encounter clients that had issues communicating with their developer. People skills are vital to the web development process! The ability to hear the client and understand their needs creates the foundation for the website. Being short sighted or close minded creates walls and results in the client being frustrated. Communication and management of a website project requires a team to hear, create, design and produce a high quality product that represents the client well.
  • Accountability – hiring a web developer that is not accountable to a team or company creates a higher risk for the client. We require deposits upon startup of website project – but we have a stable company with references that can secure the request. At any time a web developer could take money and decide to quite the project or leave the city. Our clients have lost deposits that range from $800 up to $13,000 to independent web developers that promised a website but NEVER delivered. A stable local web design company that you can meet with and trust via references is worth the larger financial investment.
  • Product Delivery– when it comes to a website build timelines are very important to layout for both the client and the developer. A basic website should be able to be produced within 4-6 weeks of the start date. One client that came to us had placed a deposit for work with an independent web developer they had found online and had waited 8 weeks and didn’t even have a home page design secured. We gave them a discount on their new website and had them up and running in less than a month. The web developer should have timelines laid out clearly for the client so everyone is on the same page and expectations are on the table.
  • Professionalism – having someone create website for you that is an independent web developer does work out sometimes. There are some amazing ones out there! But we have seen more often than not the inability to provide professional service to the client. One of our clients had tried to contact their web developer several times over the course of weeks and still had not heard back via phone or email. During a website build the client obviously desires to be part of the process and not kept in the dark. For example, we enable the client to have a clickable link to view the website process once the main structure is built and uploaded so they can check in whenever they like. Not returning phone calls and emails in the midst of a website build is not acceptable behavior and yet all too often the day job takes priority to these independent web developers and their hours will demand your evenings and weekends.

 In Conclusion

If your website is the front door to your company and the first impression that clients and future clients are going to have then would it not make sense to place some value on that? We here at Metron have a solidified website build process that enables clear communication, website management, creative designers and online project boards that ensure the clients requests and directives are NEVER missed and ALWAYS met.

There are MANY stable website design companies and agencies that will take good care of you. You may find the some web developers online that come with references and the ability to perform but we have seen too many small businesses and individuals burned by unaccountable and unprofessional independent web developers. When hiring out your website project be sure to take into consideration the above thoughts.

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